Next of Kin have had enough of authorities in the search for MH370.

7 Next of Kin (NOK) from the mysterious surroundings of MH370 disappearance have had enough of authorities failing to follow-up plausible leads off the East Coast of Africa.

With it being more than 1000 days since MH370 disappearance, Members of MH370 Families are now planning on a self funding trip to Madagascar due to the lack of support from authorities in the search.


NOK plan to travel on December 3rd 2016 to December 11th 2016 in a statement released on MH370 Families Facebook site stating:

All debris collected to date have been found off the East Coast of Africa by the public. Despite these hugely important finds, there has been no systematic, organised search by any responsible party. This leaves the NOK’s no other choice except to take it upon ourselves to do something to find answers and closure.

The search for MH370 has concentrated off Australia’s west coast, Debris has yet to be found there. It is due to be suspended early next year unless it makes a significant new discovery.

So far, at least six pieces have been found on the East Coast of Africa that are considered certain or highly likely to have come from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

The relatives say they will hand out brochures when in Madagascar that will allow villagers to recognise aircraft debris.

Back in July families of the passengers from missing MH730 told the BBC that Malaysian authorities “seem to be ignoring possible new evidence”.

American Blaine Gibson sold his family home to fund his own search for parts of the missing aircraft in Africa. Mr Gibson found suspected pieces of the aircraft on a Mozambique beach that investigators says it was “almost certainly” from MH370. Mr Gibson then travelled to Madagascar where he discovered more potential evidence but authorities have cancelled trips to recover the suspected parts of MH370.

Malaysian investigator was initially due to fly to Madagascar to retrieve the debris on 16 June. That was then changed to 21 June. A press conference was lined up, then the trip was cancelled at the last-minute.


 In a Facebook post on Thursday MH370 Families announced “The 7 Next Of Kin will hold a press conference On Monday 5th December”.

Details as follows:

Date: 05 Dec 2016

Time: 14.00 (2.00 pm)

Venue: Café de la Gare (Soarano)

Arabe Rainibertsimisaraka,

Antananarivo 00101, Madagascar

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